Monday, June 28, 2010

Sample Business Letter

Learning how to write a business letter with proper manner will not only help you to communication easily to your business associates and vendors, but also will help you build your reputation as a professional businessman and indeed a way to gain people’s confidence in way. For writing a effective business letter, you do not have to learn or take any business letter writing coursers. There are number of ways to write a professional business letter. But in this article I will show you some examples of business letter, using this sample template you can easily write any business communication letter.

You many need to write a business letter for a numerous reasons and purposes. At first you need to decide why you are writing a business letter and for what purpose. For example, you may have to write a business letter for communication with banking , sales, personal, supplier or to any other sectors relevant to your sector. For instance you want to request a advertising agency to know how much they charge for advertising, below is an example of business letter requesting an adverting company for fee.

An example of a business letter for requesting an adverting company for fee

[day, month, date, year]

Monday, June 28, 2010

[ company name and address]

New Age Ads Limited

74 First Street

Suite 567

Brookline , New York 5678

Dear [name of the person you are contacting to],

We are a solar cell manufacturing firm, specialized in the production of low cost and energy efficient solar cells. Currently, we are planning to produce a TV advertisement for a sales promotion offer of our new energy efficient solar battery.

I would be like to hear from your about your charges and how your company plan to produce an effective sales promotion Ad for us. Accordingly, please give me a call at (your cell number) at any of your convenient time.




For example, you have applied for a few products delivery to your business, but after receiving the products you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, so now you want to return those products. Take a look at the following letter how to send dissatisfaction

[Friday, June 11, 2010]

[Company name and address]

Avan software Limited

73 First Street

Suite 44

Brookline, New York 5678

Dear [name of persons of the software company]

We have just received your accounting software, ordered on April 3, 2010 (a sales receipt has been enclosed). Though I am confident that you already have an excellent line of software products on your disposal, but I regret to say that this software failed to meet our performance expectations. Since our Accounting staff is not highly trained in IT, they could not operate your software in an easy and faster fashion than our existing software in use.

As I know about your good customer satisfaction record, I am certain that you would process our refund as early as possible. Please find the software and other documentations in the enclosed package. Please forward our refund money or check to us at your earliest convenience.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of trying your product. We will be looking forward to further possibility of business opportunities with you.


[Your name]