Thursday, July 10, 2014

Job Application Letter Sample and Tips

Whether you are want Job Application Letter Sample and Tips in answer to a job advertisement or just searching for work that has not been advertised, the aim is the same – you want to get an interview. The letter of application is likely to be the first correspondence you will have with an employer. They will judge you on this letter as to your worthiness of an interview.

Competition for jobs can be tough and your application needs to stand out. Employers may deal with hundreds of applications for the one position. Application letters are an important part of the job package you send to the employer. Your resume will necessarily outline your relevant work history, qualifications and specific details about your job duties whereas the cover letter will generally contain more personal information and will include your reasons for applying for the position. 

Job Application Letter Sample and Tips are a useful way to 'fill in the gaps' that may be present if an employer was only to read your resume. For example your cover letter can explain things like: interstate relocation, career change, periods of unemployment and other details that may be unclear from reading your resume alone.

job application letter sample format


Tips :
  • Your letter should be clear and to the point. The employer's first impression of you is formed through this document.
  •     Double check that the spelling and grammar are correct. Use paragraphs and punctuation. Have a friend or family member read through the letter to see if they can spot errors.
  •     Check to make sure that the letter is formal and does not contain any slang or informal language.
  •     Use a relevant font. Try to go for Arial or Times New Roman. Avoid fun fonts, such as Comic Sans, as this will ruin the reputation of the letter immediately as it displays a lack of professionalism. There are some quirky jobs where this will go over well but they're the rarity, so err on the side of caution.
  •     You can type or hand-write your letter. However, typing is preferable because it is considered to be more formal and it's easier to read, making it more likely that your letter will get read.
  •     Include a phone number, e-mail address or name of your reference and the best times when the employer can contact them. Alternatively, ask someone to type a reference up for you and include it when you give your CV to the employer.

Job Application Letter Sample and Tips to ensure you include all of the relevant information.

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