Thursday, March 20, 2014

Business Letter Address Format

Example Business Letter Address Format

Business Letter Address Format

1234 Kennesaw Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30332
August 24, 2004

Captain James T. Kirk
Starship Enterprise
Crab Nebula, Sector 031-P29

Dear Captain Kirk:

I appreciate the privilege
of continuing to supply your star ship with affordablephotovoltaic modules. Enclosed you will find my proposal to reduce cost through the systematic optimization of the substrate resistivity.

While the resistivity dependence of the bulk lifetime and surface recombination velocity (S) of high-cost float zone silicon is well established, inexpensive multicrystalline substrates have yet to be thoroughly characterized. I propose to investigate the resistivity dependence of and S in order to optimize bulk resistivity.

Since resistivity can be adjusted with little impact on module cost, the savings resulting from accurate optimization is expected to be substantial. As you will read in my proposal, the anticipated outcome of the optimization is a relative efficiency increase of 7%. Thus, the price of a 15-megawatt (MW)array currently available for $2/W would be reduced by $470,000.

I enjoyed the opportunity to give you and Mr. Spock a tour of the facilities lastsummer. All of your terrestrial support engineers would like to express heartfelt admiration for the unwavering bravery of the entire crew of the Enterprise in its quest to go where no one has gone before.

Best regards,
George P. Burdell

Business Letter Address Format

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