Thursday, March 20, 2014

Business Letter Donation

example for business letter donation

Business Letter Donation

Dear ,Mr / Mrs / Mr -
placeThis Request Assistance FundLamp : -

Our best wishes are extended .... May we ever be in His protection and blessing given fortune. In connection with the renovation of the building will be done Welfare School, where appropriate on behalf of the committee estimates it will spend $ 10,000 , so with this we intend to knock on the door of heart Mr / Mrs / Mr presumably so willing to give a donation funds.

The donations can be given to the gentlemen whose names we mentioned below:

Mr. Andy Crown
Mr. Stewart
Mr. Bean Blake
Similarly, the donation request letter we made . The attention and generosity of Mr / Mrs / Mr we say many thanks . Hopefully our deeds always accepted by the almighty , Amen .Washington, January 12, 2013Sincerely,

Adam White
Committee Chairman

Business Letter Donation 

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